What is Intract?

Intract is a product-first Web3 Analytics Suite that powers the marketing & growth initiatives for Web3 Marketers and Founders.

Powered by a growing think-tank of Web3 Marketers, founders, and growth experts, Intract brings a complete package of Marketing & Analytics tools for you to understand on-chain reality, optimize campaign performance, and onboard genuine users to your project.

Intract is a rapidly growing Web3 product firm that is powering exponential Web3 growth - enabling communities to identify, acquire, and empower members across verticals and projects.

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Our Product Suite


The simplest way to build token-gated communities.

Create exclusive channels in your Discord for your token holders. Encourage your members to connect wallets by offering direct communication and premium perks to your power users. Analyze the on-chain & social activity of your community to optimize your marketing strategy.


Identify and scale your high ROI marketing efforts without infringing on users' privacy. Embed our best-in-class SDK directly into your website to track all your marketing campaigns (KOLs, partnerships, referrals, etc).

Measure and improve your community's most important KPIs.

Follow what your users say on Discord, how they feel on Twitter, and how they int(e)ract with your protocol - all within the first-of-its-kind Web3 CRM. Track your HODLers’ behavior, build lookalike audiences, identify the right partnerships, KOLs, and much more. Generate actionable reports to optimize your marketing spend.

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Abhishek Anita

Founder & CTO, Antarctica Expedition 2018, IIT Delhi '18
Leads Technology, obsessed with writing smart contracts that don't break

Apurv Kaushal:

Founder & CPO, Ex Mckinsey,  IIT Delhi '18
Leads Product often found breaking down marketing strategies for web3 projects

Sambhav Jain:

Founder & CEO, Ex Blackstone, IIT Delhi '18
Leads Growth, often found sharing a calendly link for that quick collab

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